My Spiritual Life

Over the last year, I have come to realise spirituality was so important in my life. I have always loved mindfulness, calming colouring books and scented candles. Some people have mocked me when I have tried to explain Law of Attraction and my belief in angels.

However after a great deal of reading and research, I learned I had a special gift and sixth sense ,one which I nurture every day. When I meditate or sleep, I receive messages from other people and conversations that are passed to me to gain insight and awareness. I also receive vivid visions and precognitions that are going to happen in the future.

It has taken me a great deal of time to understand myself fully and how to live my life with these abilities. Creativity is one way I use my senses to control my psychic abilities as well as being in touch with nature, which helps me stay grounded and happy.

People who have lacked knowledge and understanding have judged me saying I have mental health issues, when in fact I have a very special gift. Some days after a very strong vision or insight, I am emotional and tired which makes me aware that things need to change in my life. Using my sixth sense has allowed me to trust my gut instincts more and live the life I want and not for others who maybe have different plans for me.

Believing in feathers and other spiritual phenomenon’s has helped me also understand myself better, my future and how toxic people zap the energy out of you. The art of journaling , eating healthily, taking exercise and keeping a dream diary have all helped me stay focused and strong.

So as I live my life the way I chose, always believe the power of your thoughts do actually change your life. Thinking negative is far worse than thinking positive.

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  1. Excellent post! I am also very sensitive to things other people don’t seem to understand or see. Self knowledge is key! I also journal, draw and keep a dream journal. Looking forward to more posts…

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