My Love For Nature

Taking time out in nature is really important to me. I walk my dog everyday in a local park and it feels great to be able to be present and be happy.

Noticing what flowers are blooming, what trees are spouting new leaves and enjoying time listening to the birds singing, really does make you feel alive and well. We all take things for granted in life, whether it is the food we eat or the people we live with.

Taking time to notice the real beauty in nature is a perfect addition to a daily routine. Many of us have such hectic lives, we forget to thank those for the lovely moments in our lives. Being in nature makes me feel more alive, grounded and truly grateful for my life and present moment.

Being whole and alive, away from technology makes me feel connected to the environment and encourages me to promote nature and sustainability in my business. Getting rid of toxic energy and people who judge for no reason is necessary. Just like we have a clean up of social media contacts, we should all do the same in our own lives too. Although not always easy to do, those we spend time with reflect our energy and purpose in life. Choosing who and why we spend time with the people we love changed my life for the better.

I ditched takeaway meals for a healthier option, use less plastic and recycle more, get more sleep, read books that help me in life and relax, use my natural creativity and spirituality to embrace the present moment and make my own decisions for the future. Whilst life is not always easy to navigate, our own rules need to adhered to and respected.

I am so much happier for ditching the energy- zapping people in my life, the people who judge and are nasty because they are jealous or lack insight. You do not need the latest gadget or an expensive car to enjoy life. Whist they may make you look good because you have money, they are luxuries that are not as important than the life you live or the people you share your lives with.

I know I am different from most people, creative people are always misunderstand. However our lives shape us into who we are, why we react to situations, how we are treated by family and where are future is heading. Spirituality, sociology and psychology are all linked in our interpersonal lives, just some people have less knowledge than others.

So when you are feeling stressed, tired or need inspiration, I wholly recommend stepping into nature and breathing the meaning of the green grass, the pretty flowers and listening to the birds singing. It really does make you feel grateful, whatever is going on in our lives.

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  1. I totally recommend nature too. Walking never fails me regardless of my mood and if I can take myself somewhere to be with nature, I will.

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