Life is a Roller Coaster

As Ronan Keating’s lyrics go around in my head…. “Life is a roller coaster, you just got to ride it”…..So true are the words that our lives are filled with good and bad times. Whether we are planning a holiday, taking day trips with family or working on new projects, we are all human and deserve love.

The art of blogging is simply a perfect way to be able to speak freely ( a human right we all are allowed to do). It is a form of an online account or journal of someone’s thoughts ,feelings, observations and interests. Blogging is different from article writing and is there to change opinions and for readers to enjoy other peoples blogs.

I am a true blogger – not just one that does it for a hobby. And although I have taken time away from this for several years, my passion for writing has come back and it has really started to make an impact in the world we live in. The fact that my previous blog was shortlisted for an award several years ago, shows my passion for writing and making a difference.

I think freedom of speech is paramount in the world we live in today. Too many people are judged for the clothes they wear or the music they listen to. Blogging can change the world and make a difference.

Being nasty online is one thing that stems from online blogging, but we are all entitled to our views and a voice to be heard. I have suffered first hand from online abuse and it has caused so much pain in my life.

However, how we chose to react to it makes or breaks us as a person. I used to care what people thought about me, as I am really sensitive, but now I no longer feel it does anyone any good. If you do not like what you see on social media or read online, then switch off technology and do something that makes you happy.

I have to be honest, my life has been filled with many bad times and although now enjoying my life again, the last few years have been extremely tough. I have coped on my own, with no support from family or friends.

In 2017, I found out I was not legally married to the man I had spent 15 years with and had two children with and last year I found out my father was not my real father. Considering I am in my 40’s , it was something I was so angry about.

What gives someone the right to hide such deep, dark secrets from the ones they love and what makes someone lie when they deserve to know the truth?

I used to think politics was meant to change the world for the better, not make it worse. My views of politics has made me really focus on my own life and what really matters to me and my future. Yes I am a feminist, but I would like to see more equality in the world.

So next time you are dealing with online abuse, nasty comments or lack of support, take time out to enjoy and love yourself for who you are. Everyone deserves love and care unless of course you are a criminal, a liar and show no remorse for the damage you do.

2 thoughts on “Life is a Roller Coaster

  1. How awful to find out these things. I don’t know what to say, as I have not been in that situation.

    I only do blogged. I don’t do Twitter, Facebook, etc.. No time for it. But I was going to give Instagram a go as a visual thing, but Instagram closed me down after just a few days! So bugger them. (Although that wasn’t the word I originally used.) I do the visual thing on my phone now that I was after doing on Instagram.

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