Follow your Intuition

Waking up to the lovely sunshine and a new day can be a feel good factor for most people. How we start our day makes a difference to how we feel and what our plans are for the day, month and year ahead.

I have found that following your own intuition really helps you stay positive and focused for the future. I also believe that starting the day with an inspirational quote makes the day seem a great deal happier.

That gut feeling you get when something just doesn’t feel good is something we all have to learn. Having an entrepreneurial background, it takes time to actually know which direction to take and who to turn to for advice.

I have self taught many of my skills by speaking up and talking to the right people about important subjects. Learning to become my own boss is never an easy challenge, having to stay ahead of the competition and switching off negative comments and nay-sayers.

Believing in yourself doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time and energy to allow set backs that knock our self esteem and confidence. However I always trust my gut now and try to live a life I chose instead of those who may feel they have the right to decide for me.

Positive quotes make you inspire to be stronger than others and be kinder to yourself in return. Having a positive mind balances positive lifestyle choices and opportunities. So when you notice this, taking time to actually feel good starts to appear and your life changes for the better. I wholly recommend starting your day with a positive quote and a few minutes of mediation . It does change your life .

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