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As a creative entrepreneur and blogger, I love reading and designing. However many of us lack creative ability once we reach adulthood. It is something we have naturally as a child, but then education and qualifications are pushed as being paramount instead of a creative future.

As you notice creativity all around you – music, drama, photography,poetry, products made by hand, paintings and other beautiful things, we then learn to appreciate that creativity is rare and lacking in some many of us.

Having creative ability takes time to nurture and is often challenged by professionals that it is not a real career. I know that first hand and as a woman, being constantly put down for not going to university or being qualified as such is not so great

However entrepreneurship is a career and it shows others that anything can be achieved if you put your mind to it. Whilst very few are brave enough to push a creative, flexible life, following your passion is sometimes a gift we should all be proud it.

It takes courage to believe that your own business is worth time, effort and money. Those who fail to see entrepreneurship as a lifestyle are living in the dark ages. People start their own business for many different reasons and there are no set rules when you begin.

Many first time entrepreneurs make mistakes that they learn from and that is part of the parcel. Being able to progress through barriers and hurdles makes someone stronger and more determined to succeed.

So next time you read a book or see a painting, take a minute to think about the person who created it. They believed in themselves and you are choosing to enjoy acknowledge that.

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