Moving is Therapeutic

After recently moving away from my home town to a new area, it has given me plenty of time to reflect on my previous life and how I needed to change things for the better.

Living in a toxic world is not good for anyone- it damages the body, mind and spirit as well as doubt who you are and where you are heading.

Creativity has inspired my business and home life for over ten years now and I am always surprised when I design something unique or different. Life is boring if we all follow the same route.

Too many people are scared to step away from the norm and “find their true self”. Because of social media and magazines, men ,women and children are influenced by clothes, jobs and peer pressure to have the latest phone or gadget, designer clothes or a sporty car.

However, moving home has actually been therapeutic for me, despite it not being my choice. It has made me realise how dead my life had become in my home town. How stagnant my friendships has become and who I could really trust when I needed them most, despite being lonely.

I did not feel safe or accepted anymore as my life had changed so much. Having a new life in a new area has made me feel safer and free – I just need to be able to try and rebuild my business somehow in a new community.

Since the business has changed direction, my ideas and creativity has also changed. Interior design is always tricky when you are looking for a niche area that other people have not expanded into. Making a difference for the next generation and being eco conscious is very important to me, so encouraging the local community is my plan now.

I am still working on new ideas and designs and hoping the community can help me change the way we eat, shop and live.

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