Spring Cleaning

Tidying the home feels good, especially in the Spring Time. I used to have so much clutter around the home, it was blocking my happiness. Some people love clutter and mess, however I really dislike it.

I love to have a clean, fresh home and enjoy a book or a movie on the sofa on in bed. The Marie Kondo effect is sweeping the world from tidying the home to decluttering your emails. A tidy house is a tidy mind, as the saying goes.

Human behaviour makes us who we are – from what time we wake up, what time we eat, the way we shop and to the friends we have. We are all unique and different, with our own boundaries and rules. No one should judge us by our stands or how we go about our daily lives.

I always donate to charity – from furniture to clothes, no matter what condition they are in. After all it is the thought that counts, not whether they can be resold. Charity shops are always needing second hand items, but many items never make it onto the shelves and end up in landfill or recycling plants, but the act of giving is far more important in my view.

I love working from home – having freedom and flexibility is important when you are self employed. Being able to pick and choose projects and enjoy researching, writing and designing is what I love most.

We are all entitled to make our own rules, whether they are approved of or not. My biggest pet hate is control – mainly because of previous abuse, but it makes me feel trapped and unloved. Changing the way we live and work has to come from the person themselves. And putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is the best way to live. So even if you dislike your friend’s room décor, it is down to personal taste, so never judge a book by its cover

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