Creativity and Sustainability

We have been making a few changes to our business, making it more streamline as well as creating a positive impact on the world.

You will notice a new blog domain – Designs By Autumn, which is my work, with the umbrella of NEDay Crafts that is trademarked for protected. We have ditched having two blogs and made them into one – having both a business and personal perspective for our readers.

Creativity and Sustainability go hand in hand – from wooden handled paint brushes, scrap fabric, recycled card, bamboo knitting needles and cotton clothing, we can all do our bit to save the planet.

Being creative is really important to me – not only as a business, but also for wellbeing and relaxing. Designing new products takes time and energy so cannot be done 24/7. You have to allow new ideas to flow and be able to enjoy time away, just like you do at work.

NEDay Crafts has always focused on the environment, creativity and bringing something new into families lives. So as we evolve the business, my name and designs are making a difference to others.

Sustainability is a hugely important factor in our work – not using a printer, recycling our waste as well as buying second hand wherever possible. However not everyone wants or feels the passion like we do. Which is why our love for blogging and designing together show the world that one person CAN make a difference and live a happy life, even after such a tough few years.

Living your life in colour also brings smiles and happiness into the lives of others. Our designs express our passion and uniqueness to the environment, nature, education and most of all families.

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