Bringing Colour into The Home

Colour is everywhere – from the food we eat and its packaging to the colour of cars and advertising banners. Live would be bland and boring if we did not have colour in our lives.

Bringing colour into the home can be bold or subtle, depending on your taste. If you own your home, you could decorate a feature wall with a bold emulsion or fancy wallpaper.

Children’s bedrooms are usually bright because children love colour and usually chose something that they like themselves. Whether it is princesses, rockets or a theme that brings them happiness.

If you rent a home, decorating is not always easy so adding colourful accessories is a far better way to make colour fun and eye catching. Bringing the outside indoors with pretty flowers, prints and cushions as well a making a statement with rugs and throws which co ordinate with a room colour or theme.

Having curtains and bedding that make you feel good as well as relaxed in your own is also important. Having colour in the home can brighten up a bad day at work, when you arrive back to your own place of comfort.

Bringing colour into the garden can be done with assorted flowers, furniture or garden accessories. If you have children, a cute sandpit, playhouse or slide can make a garden or living space fun for all ages.

Whatever your tastes are in the home, colour makes that difference and a great place for all the family to enjoy. Unique interior designs make a house a home.

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