Creativity for All Ages

Most children are creative from a very young age. Whether it is reading, drawing, painting, dancing or enjoying music. Allowing children to spend time away from television, computers and technology is a great way for them to express their individuality as well as be educational.

During the Spring and Summer, when the weather is warmer, encouraging children into nature, the countryside or the seaside is enjoyable for the whole family. They can learn about what they saw, take photos of their day and then keep them as memories, draw or write about them or make them into art.

However as children get older and spend more time on technology, creative activities sometimes take a back seat and many children and teenagers end up losing their creativity once they leave school.

Some people however keep their creative skills and use them daily in their line of work or business. Many industries are creative, just more with technology in mind. From computer technicians, choreographers and book illustrators, the creativity is there for all to see.

I have to be honest, that many adults disregard creativity, as it is not something that is seem as an essential skill when leaving school. However, taking time out to be creative can really boost your confidence as well as be relaxing.

I have met many people who, later in life chose to go back to creative skills that they wish they had done years ago, but regretted because of their circumstances.

If you are feeling you have a creative itch that you wish you could reach and to pursue it, I recommend you do. We all start out as beginners at first, making mistakes, thinking it is rubbish, however the more you push yourself, the better you get.

I am a self taught creative entrepreneur – Although I hold no degree in art or design, I have valuable creative skills that some people do not see. Just because you are not qualified, does not mean your work is not unique. I have a wealth of creative experience, knowledge as well as design skills that can be seen as unimportant to some. However, I smile and pass on my knowledge to help others achieve their goals.

We can all be creative if we put in the hard work – Many of my skills from website coding, blogging and designing came from spotting a gap in the market, making it work as an advantage for my business. So do some research and find something creative you really would like to do before it is too late. You might just surprise yourself.

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