12 Ways to Boost Your Creativity This Summer

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy the great weather as well as boost your creativity. These tips will give you a new perspective on creativity which will help you relax and have fun.

  1. Buy a simple paint set and enjoy making shapes, patterns or scenes on paper, while sitting outside in the sunshine.
  2. Have a go at writing a poem – funny or thoughtful and it does not even have to rhyme. Explore new words, descriptions and feelings – you may surprise yourself.
  3. Buy a colouring book for adults and sit in the garden or park with pens or pencils while the world passes you by.
  4. Take a day trip by car, bus or train – take photos and write notes about your day (sights, smells, people etc). Then when you come home you can paint, write or scrapbook all of your memories.
  5. Learn a new dance or have a go at making music from beats and sounds from nature and home objects.
  6. Try a new craft – learning to knit, sew or mosaic making are great activities you can do in the garden or outside space. Making the most of good weather outside can be creative and relaxing for any age.
  7. If you have children, enjoying the summer together with activities you can all do. Puppet making, chalk painting and pebble painting are really easy for children of all ages.
  8. Visit an art gallery or museum for a few hours and study the pictures or exhibitions. It will inspire new ideas, thoughts and creativity as well as be a great way to relax.
  9. Arrange a friend’s get together at the park or someone’s garden and have a creative session with others. Either over a picnic or drinks, where everyone gets involved in a new creative activity and chats the day away.
  10. Visit a library and find some interesting books and read them in the garden or outside space. Learning new creative skills in a group or by yourself is a great way to express your individuality. Whether it is pottery making or DIY, you are always learning.
  11. Visit a theatre and watch a new play or musical. Or join a stage arts group to unleash new acting possibilities.
  12. Get involved in a community project – garden parties, cake baking or a local arts fair can let your creativity flow as well as doing your bit for the local area.

Summer is definitely a great way to enjoy the weather as well as be creative. Even if you are working, juggling children or going on holiday, spending a little time being creative really does help your body and mind.

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