My Top 10 Tips to Starting Your Own Business

Being your own boss is hard work and it takes time, however I hope these tips which I have learnt firsthand will help you start your business the right way.

  1. Do your research and read books and articles about business as well as chat to other people who are in business themselves.
  2. Find a business niche you are good at as well as doing things differently to your possible competitors. Doing the same as everyone else can make things a little tricky, especially if you live close by to other similar businesses.
  3. Set up free social media platforms and understand how to market them for clients and work. Using social media is free and can spread the word once your business is trading. Posting interesting articles or news can be a good starting point.
  4. Having a landing page/ website online as well as social media platforms is really useful. There are free online templates you can use or pay for on a budget and it will generate positive feedback and new clients.
  5. Make a business plan with details of how, why, where and when so that it fits into your current lifestyle and schedule. A plan with details will keep you on top of how you are doing as well as make you think about all aspects of being in business.
  6. Never let mistakes or tough days get you down. Being in business is about taking the journey of good days as well as the bad ones in your stride. Making mistakes is a good thing as long as you learn from them.
  7. Taking time away from your business is a must. Whether it is a family day out or a few hours in the garden. Relaxing and downtime is essential for the body and mind as well as maintain a healthy balance.
  8. Be willing to learn new skills. Self taught, online courses or college evening classes will boost your confidence and business acumen. Online videos are also a great way to learn as you can pause and play at any time so you fully understand.
  9. Making lists and notes help you keep your business on track both relating to spending , clients and projects. Using a diary either online, on your phone or a paper one will help you stay positive and keep you in business mode.
  10. Talking to people in your community can also help- making contact with possible clients and people who are need of your services can help boost a new business. Do not be afraid to send an introductory email or pick up the phone to others to find out if you can help them, not matter how nervous you are.

Having your own business that you enjoy working on is essential. There is nothing worse than trying to make a business work when you do not enjoy the clients or projects.

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