Women in Business

Women who start their own business have to work ten times harder than any man to prove themselves and that is a given fact. However it does not mean you are not capable of running your own business or indeed working with fantastic clients. Whilst more women are taking the leap into self employment maybe after a redundancy at work or after having children, it can be frustrating when being constantly bombarded with other people’s views and opinions.

Always try to remain positive and do not listen to naysayers. Believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you want, if you work at it. Even when you are feeling down or disheartened, have faith in yourself and your business. And remember tomorrow is a new day.

In order to gain new projects or clients, always listen to your body and mind. Eat healthily, take regular exercise and try not to take on too much work if you do not have time or the equipment to fulfil the job. And always price a quote to your own worth. Being too cheap can actually be a disadvantage sometimes as quality always outweighs quantity. Keeping focus on budgets as well as time and labour is essential.

Qualifications and experience are what really matters in gaining new clients and projects. Explaining who your previous clients have been and what projects you have worked on will always shine through. Happy clients make a business a success.

Give yourself praise, even on the smallest of tasks. Maybe you managed to take your lunch away from your desk for once, or took the afternoon off to get some fresh air. The little things really matter – Being self employed is all about being your own boss, working flexible hours that suit, doing something you are good at and enjoy as well as earning a living.

Being self employed can be quite lonely, so making sure you catch up with family and friends is important. Women tend to juggle more family tasks than men as a rule, so do not let yourself get upset if you lose track on your to-do list for a few days.

Wearing comfortable clothes is a great way to gain confidence in your business. Depending on what industry your business is in, will determine what your wardrobe outfits consist of. How you dress for meetings and clients needs to reflect your business and you, but also being confident to wear things that make you smile and feel good can help you gain new projects.

One thing which is not always easy, is learning to accept constructive feedback as women tend to be a little more emotional than men. If a client’s feedback is not 100%, take it on board and improve. After all, we all have our “off days” when we are tired or grumpy, as we all human. On the opposite end of the scale, never try to let people’s words or actions ruin your day or your business. Ignore rude or nasty comments and just concentrate on being a great female in business.

Being a women in business maybe tough, but if you have the determination, stamina and are willing to stand up for yourself, then the rewards will pay off for you in the long term.


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