Summer Delight

I have just started to get back into writing poetry and although a little rusty, this is my first poem for a long time. I plan to write a few more over the next few weeks and share them with you, along with my creative design work and blogs.


Summer sunshine warms the soul,

And brings a world together.

In parks and gardens everywhere,

Fun and laughter, like birds of a feather.


Sitting and relaxing by the pool,

Or a pleasant walk among the trees.

Can bring delight and happiness,

With sunshine and a gentle breeze.


Eating and drinking tasty treats,

From fresh fruit and veggies to share.

Or maybe a family barbecue,

With others to chat and care.


With children singing and music playing,

The world feels a happier place.

Summer delight and memories,

Will put a smile on your face.


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