Recycling Craft Ideas


Over the last year, I have designed a wide range of recycled creative projects for the home and garden. Sharing these ideas will hopefully inspire some of my readers to explore recycling and as well as being kinder to the environment.

Sustainability simply means being more eco conscious and eco aware of what we buy, use and throw away. It can be through buying cotton clothing that will last longer than fast fashion or by recycling or revamping other items for better use as well as being kinder to the environment instead.

These are just a few of my projects which I hope will encourage sustainability around the home for families.

cushion cover

Recycled fabric cushion cover

eco changing mat and baby gym

Recycled Duvet Baby Playmat and Wooden Play Gym



Recycled Jars, Tins and Card Storage

recycled pillowcase fabric bags

Recycled Pillowcase Fabric Bags

recycled wall art - my home                                                        Recycled Wooden Wall Art


Recycled Fabric Coasters and Bookmark

ladder finished

Recycled Wooden Ladder

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