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Ten years ago, I launched my very own first creative business focusing on children and arts. Encouraging children away from technology and television was really important to me after spotting a gap in the market.

It gave me freedom and flexibility as well as supporting the community and families across the North East of England. My work was important and my design skills flourished over time.

I delivered children’s craft workshops, children’s parties and designed eco craft packs which I sold online and at craft fairs and markets. Running events and planning activities was hard work, however I loved it. Being able to be my own boss in the creativity industry is not an easy task, when you want to be different to your competitors.

I have recently found some of my previous work, which I would like to share with you as I am proud of my achievements that even won several business awards.



It took me a great deal of time and patience to heal after abuse, which struck me hard at the end of 2015. Trauma and anxiety left me struggling daily and medication made things worse for me as it left me with no creativity at all.

After having lived and built a creative business myself, that was well known across the world, because of my designs, online videos and tutorials, I was alone and upset, trying so hard to heal and be strong again. Creativity was my life and I was not even sure I would ever be able to make things again because my brain simply couldn’t deal with the mountain of abuse I had been subjected to.

As time went by, I gradually started to refocus my life and after a very long rollercoaster ride of emotions and set backs, I am finally back in the land of creativity and design again. Although my business direction has changed somewhat, I am truly grateful to be able to have my design skills back and enjoy creativity like I did before.

Mental health, trauma and anxiety comes with many nasty comments from people who really do not understand how it can affect your life both short term and long term. Although I am healed and stronger than ever, those people who “label” you because you have struggled is simply not nice. They lack compassion and care for mental health issues and judge you when all you really need is support.

I have lived and breathed many good and horrible experiences over the last few years and despite my feelings, I have rebuilt my life because I had no other choice. No one can do it for you – its either sink or swim. If you want to change your life, you have to be the one to do it and be willing to work hard to achieve it. Consistency really does pay off in the long term, even when you feel there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

My first business will always be a good memory as it was ME who built it, ME who worked very hard to achieve it and ME who ensured that children enjoyed the craft activities I designed. However sometimes, we really do have to move on, because dwelling on the past is not healthy or solve anything no matter how much you miss it.


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