Secondhand September

It is such a great thing to see charity shops and other organisations promoting and supporting ” Secondhand September”. I myself love buying from charity shops as well as donating to them too- from clothes, books and even my sofa. Sustainability can be both a luxury product or a second hand one. Either way, it is a positive action to reusing or keeping an item for longer or finding an alternative use for it.

Fast Fashion is damaging the environment and the world around us. It is now all about “Slow Fashion”, wearing a capsule wardrobe rather than having far too many clothes crammed into a home, that never see the light of day. It is about wearing organic fabrics, keeping fashion items and wearing them and being kinder to the environment. Secondhand September is about rethinking your lifestyle and your home, encouraging more people to shop at charity shops and do your bit for your local community.

I have a great passion for books and I found my love of reading again after many years of doing other things (social media, work etc). I loved reading as a child/teenager and although I have bought many new books, I always donate them back to charity and I even buy books secondhand and redonate back into the community after I have read them.

Donating your unused or unwanted items to charity is a worthwhile cause that supports local charities and the work they do. It is just as important to donate your goods as it is to buy them, as all donations are always welcome.

Not everything can be bought second hand, however taking time to shop alternatively in charity shops, boot fairs and jumble sales can save you money and help the environment. Secondhand September really is doing something small and playing your part in climate issues. Why not give your life a rethink and take part in Secondhand September?

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