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Supporting and helping people is something we do in our lives. It can be a little gesture of holding a door open for someone, or something more important such as raising money for a charity or volunteering for a local community group.

I have always supported others in my life (both personal and business) and I feel this is an essential skill we should do to make a difference.

I have just finished reading “Remembering Whitney” about the life of Whitney Houston, written by her mother Cissy Houston. I have always admired Whitney’s music since being a teenager. And “The Bodyguard” is one of my all time favourite chick flicks, starring Kevin Costner.

I have read many books over the last 2 years and this one really did touch my heart and brought me to tears. One thing that stood out in the book was the support Cissy gave to Whitney throughout her life. The book was written with her emotions which was heart warming, showing her pride and her worries. It also made me see what has been missing from my life over the last few years and how I am trying to block it out and move on. Having a supportive family really changes lives and that is something I miss so much in my life. Whitney’s mother never judged her, even when she was struggling in life with drugs and alcohol. Cissy was always there for Whitney, when she needed her.

In psychology, the basis for people and support comes as part of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and below shows what each person should have in their lives.


Making a difference is about helping and supporting others. So this is why I am taking back my control in my personal life as well as my business life and reaching out to others. I am looking for collaborators from across the globe to work with me, away from politics, toxic conversations and control – Just me and my business.

I have decided to relaunch my own online mentoring service to help new start ups and businesses. I have experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of a new business, which is why I know this service will help and grow likeminded people.

I have lived for far too long in the shadows , hidden away, so this is my bid for freedom, diversity and togetherness for a better life. My one to one mentoring is done via email or telephone and prices start at £20 per hour as I know many new start ups have very little financial backing. I hope to bring people together, supporting entrepreneurs who are stuck at cross roads or just need someone to bounce ideas of, so feel free to get in touch.

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