Interior Design Trends 2020


One of the main features for interior design in 2020 is the focus of comfort, support and the environment.

Many companies will look to practical solutions, sustainability and modern interiors that bring warmth and soothing feelings without the need to spend too much money.  Homes will be calm and relaxing with a touch of bright and natural colour schemes.

Recycling and revamping will also continue to be a growing trend in 2020 with textures, patterns and mixing old projects with new creative solutions.

The pantone colours for 2020 seem to reflect nature with greens and browns being a room trendsetter. Both colour shades will bring the outside indoors to create a more homely feel. Adding greenery and houseplants will continue to increase in 2020, which also improves air quality and bacteria problems.There will also be the rising trend of regularly de-cluttering the home to live a more balanced life , even when time is limited.

Below are some colour palettes which will reflect the colour trends of 2020 as well as some unique products ideas I have researched.

greens 1             greens 2            greens 3

browns 1             browns 2 have some amazing sustainable eye catching products for the home including these set of two terrazzo plant pots which have rubberwood legs.

Terrazzo Plant Pots - Made

I also adore this leaf design storage bench which fits so perfectly with the environment and nature trends for next year.

Leaf Design Storage Bench - MadeIKEA also have some great cost effective eco products including this vibrant nature cotton quilt cover set.

Ikea Cotton quilt coverBamboo is such a sustainable product and IKEA have some great home interior products made from it including this bamboo lampshade.

ikea bamboo lampshade

Whatever your plans for 2020 might be, greener trends are here to stay.

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