Pinterest for Business

For those who have never used Pinterest, it is a brilliant platform for a business which are more visual based. If you have a creative/visual business and not on Pinterest, it is worthwhile checking it out and learning to use it.

Pinterest is an online pinning platform (similar to an actual pin board or mood board), where you create boards and add subjects or interesting “pins” that promote your business as well as promote others.

Since it is a visual platform, it is perfect for anyone who loves recipes, videos, cute pets, fashion, design ………… In fact the list is endless. It really does promote brand recognition and overall reach around the world.

The aim of Pinterest is not only to help your business ethos, but also enhance it through related topic boards that your followers will like. For example fashion designers or beauty bloggers may have topics that relate to their industry – shoes, handbags, nails, hair, beauty tips etc.

It takes some time to build up a following, however if you are willing to spare some time (from a few hours a week, to daily) then it should benefit the business.

“Sharing is caring” as they say and Pinterest is a huge platform for sharing ideas and designs with others. Some people use Pinterest just for personal use for home ideas, children or friends, which is just as much fun.

I love Pinterest because it is so visual and I am a visual person. It generates business ideas which is a logical approach for me. Although it does not work so well for industries who offer a more service based business.

If you are unsure of how to use Pinterest, there are a wide variety of online videos that help you understand and use it effectively. Or even better, get a friend to show you how to make up boards and share your ideas with others.

Happy Pinning !

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