Two New Recycling Projects

I always keep crafts that I can reuse again- from balls of wool to scrap fabric. Finding a use for them is a great way to be sustainable, no matter what time of year it is.

I bought this lovely dog jumper last year, which my dog refused to wear as I had to pull her paws into it and she was not impressed.

dog jumper

So I decided to cut it down the middle of the underneath to make it fit her better. Using some pink wool, I plaited it, then stitched the edges and secured it in place. I created a loop then stitched on a wooden toggle, so that it would stay fastened while out for a walk in the colder weather. I repeated this for the other end of the jumper so now I am hoping she will wear it this winter.

dog jumper revamp

The other recycling project I have been doing is learning how to knit again, since it has been many years since I last tried.

I have already designed some knitted wall hangings, which are available from my online shop. However I decided that with a pair of bamboo knitting needles and some wool I could make washable dish clothes.

hand knitted colourful dishclothes

I have yet to learn how to change wool colours, however handknitted dishcloths are soft and so versatile, you can use them over and over again without having to buy shop bought clothes.

Both projects did not cost me anything as I already had the crafts to hand. Sustainability does not have to cost you anything – So why not do the same now the colder weather is here?

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