5 Ways to Improve Your Life on a Budget

Self development is essential in moving forward with our lives. No one wants to be stuck in the same place forever. Understanding people and the world around us helps us create a better life for ourselves and other families.


Learn to find time to read more and I do not mean celebrity magazines. I mean books and articles that improve your wellbeing and skills. Using the library, buying from a bookshop or reading online all help in learning a new skillset.



Take online courses that are free or low cost, which help our brains learn new things and process new information. Whether you want to learn how to grow vegetables or become an accountant, setting aside time is important and worth doing.



Join a community group or class where you can learn with others. Group support is a fun way to learn, improves your life and you can even make new friends. It also builds confidence and self esteem.



Research new jobs or alternative solutions if you are unhappy in your current role. Apply for promotion or change industry can give you a better way of life.  Some people look for more money, where others want to live a more balanced life, so thinking about how you want to improve is essential and personal to your own circumstances.



And finally, watching self improvement films, documentaries and videos can give you insightful knowledge and food for thought- TED Talks has 100’s of speaker videos to widen your brain. Thinking “outside the box” instead of being insular is a new way to learn positively. You can never improve your life if you are always negative. We all have days where we feel like giving up, however saying to yourself “I CAN DO THIS” will help improve your life for the better in the long term.


Whatever you want to improve in your life, learning new skills, meeting new people and making our brains work is the way forward for the better.

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