My 6 Top Tips For Designing

If you are looking to design something, whether it is a physical product or an online visual, the finished product needs to be eye catching as well as have the “WOW!” factor. My top 6 style tips will help you create something that will stand out from the crowd.

Men and women tend to design very differently, although I do not like to stereotype as there are many great fashioner and interior designers out there who just do their own thing. However the female brain interprets designs differently to men. Women tend to design through emotions (the needs of the family or body). They allow to express their designs through colours and patterns. Male designer tend to be more logical, without the emotional side of design. This is why design is so important from a male and female perspective and why both sexes have to connect with their clients and customers.

  1. Research materials, colours and patterns before you begin your project. It also helps to write a detailed plan so you know exactly what you want to achieve in your final product
  2. If possible, design a prototype to ensure it does what it is designed to do, so that you do not waste money or time. If it is a physical product, measure everything exact, making a note of adjustments or alterations that need to be done.
  3. If it is an online design, have fun with colours, shapes and patterns. Choose something that looks right and in style with your business. Spend some time with the original design and work in stages until you are happy with the end result, maybe with several designs to choose from.
  4. Product placement is an important factor when designing a physical product. Questions you have to ask yourself include : Does it fit with the business? Are the colours/styles right for the customer? Does it solve a customers problem? Is the price right for the design?. Also be aware of copyright policies, making sure you do not infringe on other peoples work or designs. Having the business trademarked is a major positive for designers as it protects the work and products.
  5. Testing where to sell your designs can be the hardest of all. Research is important in finding the right location. Whether it is an online platform such as Ebay, Etsy or your own website or a bricks and mortar shop (pop up, your own or a local independent). It is all about trial and error until you find the right location that makes money and profit.
  6. Finally, make sure you take quality photographs. Before, during and after is one way to showcase your work and designs. This will help you promote what you do as well as your skillset and experience. Setting up an online portfolio will also help find new customers and clients that are interested in your designs. Good, quality photographs can make or break a new client or sale which can showcase your work online and to the rest of the world.

Good luck and be proud of what you design

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