My Favourite Quotes

We are surrounded by quotations. Famous people have all said something poignant that is remembered for years to come and are used all over the world.

They can be life facts, nuggets of wisdom, funny  storytelling or inspirational words that are all said and used with meaning and reality. They are shared in magazines and on social media thousands of times to have a real positive impact in other people’s lives.

I have put together a few of my most favourite quotes and mention the reasons why. I have to admit I love quotes, as they allow you to reflect on your own lives as well as the people around you.

jk rowling quote

J.K Rowling’s quote about pretty much sums up my life over the last few years. I have rebuilt my life so many times and these words really do make me reflect.


coco chanel quoteCoco Chanel’s quote shows how we can all pretend to be someone else, however being yourself is where real life can start. Always be yourself.


Albert Einstein Quote

Since creativity is my life and business, this quote from Albert Einstein creates possibilities. Creativity sparks fun as well as having knowledge and experience.

Mahatma ghandi quote

True words from Mahatma Gandi – change happens all the time and it can have a positive impact in our lives and the world around us.


maya angelou quote

Another great change quote I like is from Maya Angelou. It depicts change for the better and thinking can make or break the cycle.

Robin Williams Quote

My final quote and yet another change quote comes from Robin Williams. I have spent many hours watching his films over the years and his words relating to change can make a difference. He had a great sense of humour despite suffering from mental health issues, however his quote about shows us no matter what you are told, YOU can change the world. From non believers to self opinionated critics who do not see what you see, change comes from your own ideas and words.

Love them or loathe them, quotations are here to stay and they will be used for many years to come as well as new ones along the way. I have many more favourites, which I like to use for health and business. They allow us all to show others how words can have a positive impact in the world and how to create a better place to live.

Do you have any favourite ones?

Do you share them on social media?




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