How to Live a Balanced Life

I have just finished reading “Shift Happens” by Robert Holden PhD to help gain clarity and confidence in my work, life and opportunities. I guess I needed a little guidance on where I was heading and this book really did help me see things clearer.

For anyone looking for reassurance in taking a leap of faith or to spread their wings more, then this book is for you. It is down-to-earth and depicts every day situations that can be broken down into insightful and understanding events.

I am a spiritual empath and extremely conscious for my independence and well being, which is why balance is important. I dislike control and being forced into situations that unsettle my body and mind. I trust gut instincts when things do not feel right, so deep down I am a social butterfly learning to live a kinder life. This book really helped clear the path of negative, toxic issues and allowed me to break the chains of being trapped.

I truly believe we should all show gratitude in our lives – from the food we eat to the family who care. Being grateful for what we have is something many people forget when they have money in the bank. I believe in God, but I do not go to church  Being spiritual does not always follow through into religion although they can interconnect.

This book covers many topics including fear and how to overcome it, how to forgive, what happens when you let go (failures, past etc), thinking less and living more and being able to laugh, meditate and fulfil  more to create a more peaceful life.

Although it is based from psychology, this book encourages readers to reach out into areas of their lives that need extra attention or tender loving care. It relates to real life clients who have all experienced uncertainty and difficulties.

This book has allowed me to see passed my own situation, breathe and let go of my past and mistakes and unlock a more loving, free thinking way of life. Being in charge of your own life is living  on your own terms and not other peoples – balance is the key.

No one should be allowed to make choices for you and this book is well worth a read for anyone who is stuck or unsure of their direction.

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