Reading and Writing Increases our Potential

In my previous business, I spent some time writing craft blogs and tutorials aimed to encourage parents and children to spend quality time together and getting creative. They were simple projects, written in a step by step format so that parents or carers could have fun with children and learn new skills. I have to admit they were a huge success across the world.

So when I launched this business, I wanted to make it different, using similar techniques just for a different audience. I have always been an avid reader, but I do find the more you read, the more you learn. Reading and writing go hand in hand, although many do one and not the other. In order to become a writer, you need to research or read topics and books to help support your writing. Learning to adapt your writing for different subjects and audiences expands the mind and your own skills as well as increases your reading ability.


I love researching ideas and topics for designing and writing projects. Having something to focus on has really helped my confidence and business knowledge. The more you do, the better you become. Practice makes perfect as they say, which is definitely true.

We all have to start as a beginner, whether it is a new hobby or in a job. However the more we read and write, the easier it becomes and will grow until it becomes a success. So if you are thinking about doing something new, I wholly recommend you start.

Writing opens up opportunities and boosts your own self esteem.

What have you go to lose?

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