Creative Mindfulness

Whatever your plans and projects are for the new year, being creative can unleash many great ideas as well as being able to learn new skills.

Starting the year off right is always on people’s minds at the beginning of January. Eating well and exercising more are the usual top priority for many. However , creative mindfulness can allow your thoughts, feelings and pressures of daily life to be free and brings peace and tranquillity into your life.

Creative mindfulness is something you can do at home, while travelling, at work and even in groups or with friends.

Whether you have a love for photography or simply singing your favourite song while doing the housework, it all stems from creativity and helps you focus on balance in your life.

Since 2020 is the start of a new decade, mixing things up or refreshing our own lives are high on the agenda. With the last decade behind us, starting a new lifestyle habit or looking for a new image can be exciting as well as fun. Finding time for creative mindfulness is a great bonus that will change the way you think and the way you act.

I have already decided to spend more time being kinder to myself this year, as well as looking at things from a different perspective, creatively and innovatively. The past is a memory I will no longer revisit and the present is my focus, with a refreshed mindset and approach.

I have already looked at a few trends for 2020 which include sustainable and recycled products, bold statement interior designs, incredible street art from around the world and unique tech ideas that express individuality. The new decade brings these and other new projects to the forefront of social media and consumers.


Modern creativity and mindfulness can be done through painting, simple doodling, knitting, DIY, computer games and many other creative avenues that allow the brain to catch up with the rest of your body.

So when you are planning and goal setting for this year, keep an open mind to being more creative – indoors and outdoors, online and offline and with friends or on your own. It doesn’t have to cost much and you do not have to be super talented to try something new. Just take the next step for a more balanced, fulfilling life in 2020.


Do you already have a plan for creative mindfulness? Feel free to share your thoughts

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