Making a House a Home

Whether you are moving house or just renovating a room this year, we all have ideas that really make a house a home.

Having a fairly accurate budget is the first step into deciding what you aim to do as well as what you want to achieve. Maybe you have a worn, comfy chair that needs a little tender loving care with new covers and cushions or a bathroom that needs a facelift.

interor design


Interior design is all about style, comfort and function – a house is not a home until it feels warm and relaxing in the coldest of evenings. It is also about psychology and lifestyle. These simple tips can help you decide on making the most of the space and design of your home or in a new property.

  • Instead of knocking down walls or building an extension, have a furniture reshuffle instead. This can bring a new outlook to a room without having to spend a fortune. Although Spring maybe a while away, having a room refresh really helps to see things from a new angle. De-cluttering pictures or furniture without having to decorate can be great for the body and the mind.

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  • If you are planning on moving house this year, finding a property within budget and that accommodates your needs can be tricky. Location and room size are major issues for many, so searching for a suitable property can be stressful. Writing down  the essentials for a new home will help you decide  which factors are a priority  and which are just an added bonus.

Everyone has individual preferences to decoration and flooring. Sometimes moving into a new home with “potential” is far more satisfying than buying  a “show home” which is already styled. A blank canvas can be a great incentive to work that suit your style and colour scheme.

show home


  • If you are living in a rented property, then wall coverings and flooring maybe not an option to change what is already there, unless agreed by the landlord or letting agency. Which is why, making the use of space and furniture is more important. Having a multi function room is good if you are struggling for space or need to work from home.


  • Every home has energy, both good and bad, although many people do not even notice it. Homes have residual energy from previous owners or from people who currently live in the property. This energy can be used in great ways by allowing you to focus on where you eat, sleep and relax.


If there is negative energy in the property, then it can affect your mental health, work life and even other members of the family. It can drain you, leaving you feeling down and tired. However having positive energy in the home can allow creativity to flow, encourage better sleep and bring a better life for you and others.

Changing negative energy into positive can be done by simply burning a lovely scented candle while reading or cooking a healthy, favourite meal for yourself. The art of Feng Shui is really interesting where room energy is transformed by sunlight, plants and clear of clutter.

feng shui

  •  If redecorating a room is not an option, then adding simple touches can bring colours and themes together. A new colour scheme for cushions, throws and curtains or a wall feature of interesting pictures can transform a room instantly.

Other stylish alternatives include adding a funky rug to a bare floor or a unique shelf feature that makes you smile can brighten the darkest of rooms.



Making a house a home really is not difficult – with a little creativity and planning, anything is possible.





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