The Art of Spiritual Healing

When you are suffering and in pain, people turn to different ways to heal and recover. Some turn to therapy and counselling, others seek help from family and friends and some people turn to god for help.

For those where medications, therapy or support from others does not help or for those who are curious about alternatives, then spiritual healing is a more holistic approach for the body, mind and spirit.

I was first introduced to spiritual healing after having a reiki session for anxiety several years ago. I had done some research, hoping it would help my anxiety as well as gain insight and balance.

For those that do not know, Reiki is the powerful healing of hands and energy. Using crystals and strong energy sources, reiki healing taps into the body and its chakras. Each body has 7 chakras that relate to different parts of the human body and what it connects to.  Having reiki sessions focus on all these 7 chakras to help gain spiritual healing as well as make you feel better without medication or therapy.

7 chakras


I did not realise how powerful reiki could be and over time I learnt that my body had a special talent, which I truly believe was passed on from the reiki healer. I discovered I had an ability to be telepathic. At first this really scared me as I had no idea how to control my emotions or messages that followed on from my dreams and thoughts.

I started doing some research and I have learnt I have a unique talent of being clairaudient, which is the ability to hear messages on a spiritual level to gain knowledge and understanding. Over time, with the power of meditation and yoga, I have finely tuned my talent for more balance and clarity. This is the first time I have really shared my talent with a wider audience.



Spiritual healing is an amazing alternative for those who are looking to heal from pain and live a kinder life. The first thing you need to do to heal fully, is to walk away from negative, toxic people and connections who hurt you as this is a barrier that prevents you from healing. Eating healthier and taking regular exercise also help spiritual healing as it does not happen over night, just as long as you focus on being kinder to yourself and how you live.

My special talent has taken over a year to finely tune , however it heals me focus more on my feelings and to avoid people who bring me down or are cruel. Rising about the negative attitudes is so important in spiritual healing. Using crystals, burning candles and reading insightful books all bring healing for a more peaceful work/ life balance.

Have you tried spiritual healing or do you have a special talent?

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