The Two P’s and Blogging

The two P’s I am referring to are Photography and Poetry.

I have a keen interest in both of these things, although I am not really an expert. However I have been pondering recently how to combine both mediums other than on my blog.

I do not own a specialist camera or lens, I use my mobile phone or Ipad and my laptop for editing with a view to making visual images and words match into something unique and eye catching.

We all start a blog for different reasons – no one usually starts one to make money fast as it takes time, effort and  motivation to develop. Most people start a blog to chat about their lives, showcase their work, their travels and interesting topics that other bloggers enjoy reading. Since a blog is an online diary of content and images, where others can read, understand, relate to and comment about, it makes sense for people to start one with a view to gaining new work, clients or a new job.

Our words and blogs are written with a sense of wholeness- who we are, what we do and where we are heading. We can add humour and deep thoughts into a blog post that many non-bloggers do not fully appreciate.

As a creative designer , writer and mentor, my blog is part of my business both personally and professionally. Which is why I feel my photography and poetry needed to be shared on a different level.

I have just started to add digital downloads to my Etsy Store – as you see below to inspire others. Sometimes we all need to sit with our thoughts for a while to finally embrace the true meaning of our lives, reflect and make decisions on what we want and which direction to take.

These digital downloads are the real me and the way my work and business is evolving. We never stay in the same place forever. We all change our opinions as life experiences make us see things from a different perspective. Having an inspiring quote or visual reminder, is statistically proven to help your own wellbeing and mindset.

sunset wt

This is why Pinterest and other social media platforms share inspiring quotes around the world.


Do you have a favourite photograph or quote that makes you feel better?


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