What are you worth

This is a huge topic for debate, one which I will try to explain from a neutral perspective.  We are all worth love, affection, safety, privacy and integrity no matter who we are and where we live.

When we are at school, we are told to work hard in lessons, get good grades and plan a career for the future. Many people leave school with aspirations that change over time due to life crossroads or situations. Some people chose to become stay at home parents, being carers for their family or working overseas because of finances. Worth does not come just from qualifications and a perfect CV.

Being qualified may be stereotyped a little, but it does not quantify worth. Everyone makes their own life choices , where to live and who they share their lives with. No one should be made to feel under-valued or unappreciated just because they do not have a degree or a long term career.

People all over the world are choosing their careers, homes, friends and businesses as well as coping with many things that are not discussed in public. Value and worth are not just about qualifications and career history, they are about doing good to others, the community and overseas.

Experience, on the other hand is knowledge and skills mixed into a bundle of interesting, valued situations that enable a person to be healthy, safe and comfortable at home, with family and at work.

Since I am a person with experience as apposed to higher qualifications, I am always willing to challenge the argument that experience does not equal value. I am a great believer we all can be of value, no matter what our education, career path and financial status is.

self worth

No one choses to struggle financially as we all have things that do not go to plan – from losing a job or home, life can make things a struggle for some people. However life experiences, work skills and daily living all adds value to someone or something.

So next time you are asked “what job do you do?”  or “what are you worth?” always remember these questions are that should be answered from the individual perspective. Value and worth are personal details that cannot be decided by anyone else. They stem from self esteem and confidence.

Being self employed is one main example of worth and value, whether you have qualifications or not. If you are an electrician or plumber then it is obvious to have relevant qualifications. However if you have a niche business, experience is far more valuable than having a degree. Not everyone understands the self employment route, however being free to chose your career is far better than being forced into financial hardship.

Next time you are feeling down, Tell yourself you are worth it, even if it feels like the whole world is against you.

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