Eat, Pray, Love

I have been spending some quiet time over the last few weeks reading “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I needed something new to read to refresh my mind and well-being, away from blogging and business. I visited my local library and this book caught my eye.

This book is written as a memoir and as the book states “ One woman’s search for everything”. Elizabeth is in her 30’s who went through a bitter divorce and she decided to find out what was missing from her life.

She decides to go travelling to three contrasting places and she finally chooses Rome, India and Bali. The book is split into the 3 locations of her travels, which makes a great read for any woman in search of answers or clarity.

Elizabeth decides Rome because she loves Italy, she is keen to learn the launguage and live the Italian life, enjoying its sights and the love for food. In contrast, after spending several months in Italy, she then travels to India, where she prays and meditates for hours a day.

Elizabeth learns the art of peace, prayer and spirituality in an Ashram as well as meet lots of interesting people from around the world who are also on a spiritual journey. This holy temple really helps her heal from her divorce and she finally finds peace within herself to move on emotionally.

Her final destination is Bali, where she decides to take in the way of life of the Balinese, after previously meeting a medicine man who told her fortune and said she should come back and visit him one day.

This famous healer in Bali teaches Elizabeth about Bali, it’s culture and it’s religion. She learns that it is all about art, science and religion, where she decides to make it part of her daily life. She also meets a lovely female healer who shows Elizabeth the rituals of the traditional Balinese.

It is a perfect read for any woman looking for direction in their lives, especially if you are at a crossroads and in need of something interesting to read as it is real life memoirs. The book makes insightful observations that many women can relate to, help healing wounds and bring guidance in the current fast-paced world of technology.

Taking time to read away from work and social media really does give us all a sense of hope and belonging even when we are alone.

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