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Over the last few weeks I have been exploring new ways to do business alongside my social media posts and writing. Digital design is something that has really started to influence my work and blogging.

I have been researching FREE online design websites and apps that can help me develop my keen interest in photography and digital design.

There are lots of design packages that you pay for and not really what you are looking for, so I decided to see what other people thought of free ones on a “try before you buy” basis.

Creativity and innovation are always going to be in demand, however handmade crafts are rather labour intensive and they can be tricky to promote without being pushy or annoying.

Interior design is all about physical products, colour charts and fabric swatches, however incorporating digital design into my work has given me a great deal of confidence.

I have downloaded a few free apps and I have been designing new media using my own photography and designs, which I plan to build up into an online portfolio.

As you see below, bright, bold colours and my modern twist on creativity is something that I am learning to enjoy instead of making crafts that never sell.




Sometimes, we all have to embrace  change, take a leap of faith away from tradition and accept that innovation and technology will always take a priority even away from social media.

What are your views on digital design and social media?

Bloggers and writers need a platform to promote their work, but can it be too much?

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