10 Creative Activities for People Who Are Self Isolating

With the extreme measures and worrying times of COVID-19 and it’s terrible grip on the world, I have decided to reach out to those who are self-isolating, by encouraging people to try and remain calm by getting creative.

Living with uncertainty can be pretty anxious, which is why I feel we all need to embrace the community spirit, creativity and the internet to get us through these really difficult times.

Over the weekend, I saw new images of residents in Italy singing and playing instruments from their balconies to keep people’s spirits up within the community. I thought this was really heart-warming and has made me realise we need “togetherness” around the world.

Creativity is something we usually link to groups, however with the world self isolating and unsure of their jobs or education, families around the world need to try and focus on a positive mindset, even when times are tough.

Spending too much time online, reading the news or watching tv is not the best way to remain calm, so sometimes stepping away from these are important. Here are ten ways to get creative away from technology for a limited time to help your body and mind.

  1. Reading

Whether it is buying a book online, visiting a local library, dusting off your bookshelf or borrowing a book from a friend, reading will help ease the anxiety and reduce boredom, if you are stuck at home. Alternatively, buying a magazine or downloading reading resources away from social media can also help.

2. Painting/ Drawing

Even if you have never picked up a pencil or paintbrush for years, you can always make a start. Simple pencil lines or brush strokes of colour will help pass the time and give you something else to focus on. You do not need fancy paints or a canvas, simple white card will work just as well and you may even find you have an artistic talent you never knew about.

3. Sewing/Embroidery/Knitting

Again, this is not something we can all do, however spending time with needle, threads and scrap fabric will allow you to explore your sewing skills. Or finding long, lost knitting needles will help your isolating life, with a little patience and some wool.


4. Music/Dance/Fitness

Whether you are driving to and from work or listening to the radio, music can help your mood. Putting on your favourite playlist can bring some fun into a very frustrating situation. Dancing and singing to your favourite tunes, will help you stay positive. Music is also a great way to clean the house, keeping you motivated and less stressed. Practising yoga or keeping fit in the home can be done without any cost, by reaching for online videos that boost your day.

5. Writing/ Typing

Most people use technology these days, rather than writing a hand-written letter. However taking time to write a card or letter to a friend will make someone’s day. Digital technology is something we have in our daily lives, so using the internet and social media keeps us all informed, as well as helping support others. Launching a blog, or chatting to people online will help others who are also self- isolating. Sharing ideas brings a community together and it can be done free or for a small cost.

6. Gardening

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, balcony or courtyard, getting some fresh air in the garden will help your wellbeing. Maybe planting some seeds or just tidying up the outside space can make the day pass by quicker. Or taking a walk to the local park or green space, will allow you to stay well without being too close to other people.

7. DIY or Home Improvements

Whilst money might be tight in these uncertain times, being stuck at home can allow your creativity to flourish, even if we might not feel like it. Mending a broken drawer or repainting a chair can give you time away from stressful news updates and worry.

8. Baking/Cookery

There is really no need to stock-pile and it is simply ridiculous the way shoppers are behaving. Eating healthy meals are essential if you are self-isolating, even if you are un-well or struggling financially. Making sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables will help your immune system as well as drinking water and getting enough sleep. Finding an interesting recipe or baking some homemade cookies for a neighbour are creative ways to help yourself and others without much cost.


9. Start a New Hobby/ Learn a New Skill

Whilst being stuck at home 24/7 without friends or family can be tough, especially if you have children. Learning a new skill or hobby can be a creative challenge that you can do on your own or with the rest of the family. Learning a new language or making jewellery are two ideas that can embrace your creative side and even bring in a little extra money, by selling them online.

10. Having a Room Sort Out

Our homes are places to relax and enjoy time with the family, however self-isolating can be stressful if you are usually working from a office or meeting clients. Having a declutter of children’s toys and books can give you alternative time away from technology. Even if you cannot leave the house to donate these things, you can always store them in a cupboard until things improve. Having a room change can also help release your creativity, especially if you fancy a new room colour or design.


I hope this blog has been helpful, in these uncertain times, however it is possible to be creative away from other people , which will help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Take care and look after each other.





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