Online Resources for Children and Adults

Life around the world and the UK are all facing tough times with self isolation and worry over COVID-19 right now.

With this in mind, I have launched two new Pinterest Boards. One for children , which includes educational ideas and crafts and one for adults, alongside my other boards, for online ideas and activities to take away the boredom.

I am hoping many people will feel a little less worried and safer, especially by sharing these ideas away from stressful news updates.

I am also using my business knoweledge and tech-savvy skills to launch this website as a membership site, for free and paid resources and activities for children and adults as the grip of this virus takes hold and we are spending most of the day in our own homes. So please stay tuned for more details.

It is at times like this, that we need reassurance for others and to support each other, when uncertainty really is causing so many people to worry and cause financial hardship. We have to try and stay calm, despite the cruelty that this virus brings.

No one envisaged that it would be so heartbreaking for the UK and other countries around the world to be dealing with such circumstances. Reach out to others online and share inspiration instead of blame and conflict. And most be all be kind to each other.

I have included a couple craft ideas for children and adults , so see below for the links. These activities can be done at home from simple household essentials or local store products. More will follow shortly.four seasons tree craft

musical instruments

washi tape cereal box organisers

mollie makes leaves

Keep Strong Everyone

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