Tissue Paper Butterfly Wall Hanging

As promised, I am starting to build a collection of creative blogs for children and adults, so this is my first blog for children. Being stuck at home every day can be quite unsettling for young children, especially when you cannot explain the reasons.

This craft activity is perfect for toddlers and young children, with the help of an adult.

You will need:

  • Multi coloured card
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tisse Paper
  • Wool or ribbon
  • Clean twig or wooden dowling
  • Hole Punch

You will find the printable butterfly template, which you can print off, at the bottom of the blog. This is only for personal use and is subject to copyright.

I have painted the clean twig in bright colours first, then left it to dry. You will need to print off the template and cut around the shape. Then draw around the butterfly shape onto some coloured card. Cut out the card butterflies, then hole punch them in the top corner.

card butterflies

Using the tissue paper, tear off pieces and crumple into a small ball. Then with the pva glue, spread onto to the tissue paper butterfly and stick on the tissue paper balls. Repeat this for as many butterflies as you need, then allow to dry. Then with the wool or ribbon, attach them to the twig before hanging either in the window, for others to see or on the wall.

butterfly template-converted

Stay tuned for more ideas to keep us all safe and stress-free while being stuck indoors


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