Simple Sewing

Life at home can be very stressful right now. Many parents are juggling children, working from home and keeping in touch with loved ones.

Being stuck indoors 24/7 is not how we are supposed to live, however it is vital we follow this in order to save lives.

Whilst people may be “Spring Cleaning”, scrolling social media or watching box sets, it is always good to take time away from phones and computers. Even if you cannot sew very well or do not own a sewing machine, now is the perfect time to rummage around for a needle, thread and some fabric and get creative.

Two examples are below: fabric bookmarks and fabric coasters:

fabric bookmark and coasters

Both are really simple to make. This is what you will need:

  • ¬†Scissors – pinking shears if possible
  • Needle and thread
  • Scrap fabric/ felt
  • Ribbon

How to Make

Decide on what you are going to make, then cut the fabric to the correct size and shape. It is a better idea to use different fabric as you can reverse them when you fancy a change. With the free downloadable template at the bottom of the blog (or your own design), cut and stitch them onto one side of the fabric, before sewing around the whole thing.

If you are making the bookmark, you will need to sew the ribbon to the bottom of it, before finishing it off.

If you have enough fabric, you can then unleash your creativity to make matching sets or even design some for your neighbour or for friends. Sewing in these uncertain times can help calm an anxious mind as well as revamp the home, bringing colour inside to lift the mood when you feel down.

And if you are feeling really ambitious, you can even revamp cushion covers (see below) or other home furnishing.

pair of cushion covers (1)


(Please note, the free template is for personal use only).

simple templates

Keep Strong Everyone


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