A Bit of Inspiration

Whether you are struggling with work, children or finances right now, we all need a little bit of inspiration to support us through these challenging times.

Whilst the news is devastating after so many deaths from COVID-19, we have all had to learn to appreciate the little things in life right now. I have found great comfort reading other peoples blogs, especially with so many countries feeling the need to reach out virtually to help and support others.

So after a re-think, I felt my blog was best kept as a read for all, instead of being a membership site. Sometimes, we all need to reach out and read something inspiring instead of depressing.

I have found a great distraction by doing online jigsaws https://www.thejigsawpuzzles.com which are free and it helps the brain stay active whilst we are at home.  I have also been creative with Adobe Creative Cloud with a free trial to enhance my digital design skills.

My heart goes out to all those in the medical sector for caring and treating the poorly as they really are on the front line dealing with so many people around the world.

With this in mind, I have relaunched my Online Shop to share my love for nature, photography and design with online digital downloads you can buy to support others or use as a print in your home

I will be adding lots more designs soon, as we all need a little inspiration right now and nature really does make you feel better.

Lets be kind to each other – It brings communities both online and offline closer, even in times of uncertainty.

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