Let’s Get Creative

Here in the UK, we are into our 4th week of “lockdown” although we are allowed to go outside for several reasons, many people are looking  to find new ways to entertain themselves in their own home.

I have spent the last few days being creative with these three activities.

  • seed planting with recycled tins
  • felt folders to store stationery
  •  pretty faces craft for children


Seed Planting with Recycled Tins

I am very eco-conscious and I prefer to be as sustainable as possible (shopping with my own cotton bags etc) so this craft is perfect whilst you are self-isolating and also like to be kinder to the environment.

I recycled two of my dog food tins (washed them out and took off the labels). I then made several drainage holes in the bottom and revamped them with assorted fabric and ribbon. After filling them both with compost, I sprinkled the flower seeds on top, then gave them a good water, before placing them on my windowsill to watch grow in the sunshine.

This is a really simple activity for children or adults, even if you do not have your own garden.

seed planting


Felt Folders

I much prefer a paper-free lifestyle, however I do have some documents that need to be kept in a folder. Instead of buying plastic wallets, I made myself a simple felt folder , by sewing the edges with thread and adding a button. Felt is really versatile and can be used for many storage ideas for paperwork or even your phone.

felt folders


Pretty Faces Craft for Children

Children all over the world are missing so much school right now because of the virus and being stuck at home, so this craft is perfect for them. Using the free printable template at the bottom of the blog, cut around some card to make the face. You can use plain white of skin toned card, depending on what you already have.

Children can either paint on the facial features or make them into a collage, using magazines or fabric, then adding hair with wool or other household material you can find. Children can either make them into wall art or by adding a stick, you can make them into puppets for a puppet show.

pretty faces

faces template

Three simple crafts that do not cost a great deal and that can be done away from technology for a while. We all understand that these are really hard times and our mental health and wellbeing is a priority, even if you are healthy.

Stay Safe Everyone 


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