Garden and Outdoor Space Ideas

Whilst we are all at home to stay safe, it is a perfect time to plan a new project. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, balcony or outside space, I have spent some time researching low cost ideas for inspiration, that are also sustainable and eye catching. We all need a little time away from hard-hitting, devastating statistics and heart breaking stories, for our own health and wellbeing.

  • Adding colour and flowers is always a bonus, even if you do not have much space to work with. Designing plant pots or revamping recycled furniture can instantly make a space more interesting as well as relaxing in the spring sunshine.



  •   Balconies are a perfect hideaway for outside creativity- to feature a seating area or a peacefuls space to relax and enjoy the fresh air, with cushions and hanging baskets, so very little maintenence is needed.

balcony designs

  •   Keeping a garden tidy can be costly, especially if you have to weed it regularly or cut the grass, so utilisising space and design is essential. Whether you have a growing family or you are house-sharing, a garden can make a house a home.  Having a low maintenence garden with a rockery or paving is an alternative, if you would rather enjoy the garden rather than working on it.

rockery and paving

  •  A fun alternative for children of all ages is designing and cultivating a vegetable patch to grow your own veggies, which is also extremely sustainable. It encourages children to learn about healthy food, nature and also gives them something to enjoy with the family.

veggie garden for children

As you can see there are some really creative as well as relaxing ideas for your outdoor space. So now is the perfect time to think about what project you would like to work on, even if you cannot go out to buy the products.


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