6 Reasons to Start a Blog on WordPress

Over the years, I have designed my business websites on several different platforms. From free ones to self hosting packages, all of which take time and money to design as well as build up a following and audience base. Website design and coding is a skill that allows bloggers to add images, links and content without complicated steps.

I launched this website and blog last year, because I felt my previous self hosting platform was not best suited for my work, so I redesigned and rebranded the business into something that was more “me” and unique to my designs and writing.

These are the 6 reasons why I much prefer WordPress to other platforms or self hosting companies.

  1. It is simple to launch , even if you are a beginner blogger with no or little experience. You can start a blog on WordPress for free which gains followers you can also follow back to read their posts. You cannot do this on many other platforms, which is definitely a bonus.


2. Depending on the reason for starting a blog, you can choose different plans to suit the needs of your writing. Whether it is useful tips, photography or poetry, WordPress has a plan to suit everyone.


3.  Although I have had many years of experience in the creative industry, designing and writing, I also have had several years as a career break, so regaining momentum has taken some time. Blogging on WordPress has really made me focus on my own self development and design skills, even when I wasn’t sure which direction to take for my business.


4.  Starting a blog never makes money instantly, however with determination, practice and positive feedback, you can gain a great deal of knowledge from other bloggers from all over the world. Connecting with and liking their blog posts really helps build your own blog as well as encouraging others to support this online community. It is great that you can reach out to others through their blogs and followers to understand their lives and connect with them through writing.


5. Blogging on WordPress can be a hobby or be the start of a new business venture, either way, it is important to try and stick to a schedule for blog posts, that readers will enjoy. It takes time to read other people’s blog posts, however it does connect so many writers from all over the world, to make a positive impact to support others.


6. When I launched my WordPress blog last year, I really only focused on writing my own work, without interacting with others. However over time, I have really enjoyed reading and liking other bloggers work, especially when we are all facing self isolation at home. WordPress is a well established company that helps you learn, understand and digest perspectives and opinions as well as develop a sense of pride in your own writing.


A WordPress blog inspires and promotes an online community of bloggers, photographers and writers from all corners of the globe, which we should embrace now more than ever, when so many lives have been lost to this horrendous global virus.



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  1. I agree with you. Starting a blog on WordPress can be dream come true for any passionate blogger who is looking for a platform. WordPress had so much to offer. It is really amazing.

    Best wishes from The Strong Traveller and have a great day 🙂

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