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Being in self-isolation has really affected the health and wellbeing of so many people. From families all over the world struggling to feed their children or parents juggling working from home with children, we all have our own personal story to tell.

I have been grateful enough to be able to take my dog out for a daily walk as well as getting some fresh air and a little sunshine. Not everyone has been able to do this and living indoors for such long lengths of time is obviously difficult, with extreme boredom setting in.

However, it has shown that we have taken so much for granted previously. Being able to meet friends and family is now something we will probably make the most of, as well as being kinder within the community. With people losing their jobs and struggling financially, no one envisaged it would have such a domino stance on the UK and global economy. Living with uncertainty is stressful and a little scary, especially if you cannot afford to pay your bills.

I have been spending some time with my thoughts and how the world will look in a years time and how our lives will have changed. I guess no one really knows what the future hold, however this situation has really  taken its toll on so many countries.

So with this uncertainty, I have been making some digital word clouds using my nature photography (which I have really enjoyed). I have also made a mini cork pin board from a table mat, that I covered in fabric and designed some positive word clouds to help me remain calm.

word cloud pinboard1


I have also found music to be a great help in my wellbeing and just listening to the radio has made me more relaxed and sleep better. Being able to focus on my nature photography has also given me a new focus on my wellbeing, when uncertainty is in the air.

word cloud 2    word cloud 1

So with this is mind, I thought I would see how others are feeling. Are fellow bloggers and writers coping? Do you worry about the world or work?

How do you keep positive with this huge uncertainty?

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