Building a Creative Business in Times of Uncertainty

Building a creative business is hard work, even before the before the COVID-19 virus hit the world, it is not an easy task. Maybe while you have been stuck at home, you have learnt a new creative skill  or maybe you have decided it is time for a career change due to financial issues or lack of work.

As a creative mentor, I am hoping that my helpful tips will allow you to embrace your creative skills and turn them into a business, even if you are unsure of your life or family situation.

  • In order to launch a creative business, you really need a good internet connection as working online will allow your products or services to be seen by others. It will also allow you to email clients, as well as building a blog or website.
  •  Having a platform page for your products or services is really important, as technology is the main source of internet traffic and promotion.
  •  Utilising social media platforms will allow you to promote and encourage new customers as well as gain new followers or updates you also enjoy reading about.
  • Launching a creative business is all about connections and not all about sell, sell, sell. Gaining knowledge from other businesses and making relevant connections will also boost your own confidence and skills.
  •  As well as promoting your own work, it is business etiquette to also promote or support other creative businesses both local and online.
  • Your financial situation maybe difficult, so spending money on creative materials or software might not be possible. Making a good business plan with what you can do now, in 3 months time, 6 months time and even a year will help you budget your finances. Doing what you can is far better than doing nothing at all, even if it is just researching possible clients or new projects.
  •  If you are making products, a great place to start is Folksy and Etsy, where you can start selling and build a following. They are simple to launch and upload photos as well as select relevant pricing and delivery costs. They are also great platforms to get your work noticed around the world.
  •  Creating a full product list, with photographs is also beneficial- using clear images and concise descriptions for your online audience to read.
  •  Starting a Facebook Business page or Instagram account will allow you to connect with other businesses and new customers. Posting special offers and new products can gain widespread interest and help you gauge people’s opinions or orders.
  • Promoting creative services tends to be a more business to business niche- maybe you offer online classes to other creatives or you are a website designer, it is important to connect with other possible clients or organisations via Twitter, Linked In and other online platforms.
  •  Other free creative platforms include You Tube, where you can upload videos and tutorials as well as follow other channels. Or you could subscribe to Skillshare, where you can learn new skills or upload your own videos for creative classes.
  • Online creativity has proven to be a huge benefit to keep us all well recently so finding a platform for your new creative business is just as important as the products and services you offer.
  •  A successful creative business will provide a solution to other people’s problems. So finding something that focuses on that will help make you provide an eye catching product or service. Maybe there is a lack of creativity in your area or the community feel they are missing out on a service or product. This is the perfect time to reach out and solve the creative issue than others are looking for.

The “Creative Gap in The Market” really can make a new business support others and make a profit. Having a USP or “Unique Selling Point” will make the world of difference to your new creative business.

Are you looking to start your own creative business? Feel free to get in touch for advice. 


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