About And Services



I am Autumn and welcome to my business. I am a creative entrepreneur, designer, mentor and blogger with over 10 years of experience and knowledge. This is my second business and encourage more people to start their own business and work with a flexible lifestyle. I love nature and animals so making a difference is important to me.

Being your own boss is not for everyone, however I have learnt it can be achieved through hard work and determination. Having a business you enjoy working on is vital to becoming a success. As a start up mentor, I can help you decide what pathways you want to take and how to get there.

I also have a passion for interior design and creative projects, which you can view and purchase online. Children love bright, bold colours so my designs reflect the warmth and love that children need. Having a relaxing family home that is sustainable and kinder to the environment is key for the next generation. My designs support nature and the environment which connect with eye catching features and recycling elements.

pack of 3 hand design greetings cards

Because of my experience and knowledge, I am a new business mentor, specialising in creative arts and technology. I work with mentees across the world, who are looking to start a creative business and need advise and guidance. My fees vary in cost, however I understand the budget constraints of new creative businesses, so prices start from £10 per hour to be flexible. All mentoring is done via email, phone or skype with personalised recommendations to suit the needs of your new business. You can also contact me via my mentoring collaboration. Just visit my profile for more details http://www.re-create.com/mentors/autumn-knight

Other services include virtual interior designer and personal shopper for clients via online design platforms and my Pinterest Boards. All you need to do is send me a photo of the room you wish to update with your ideas and preferences and I will email you designs, colour schemes and ideas for furniture. Prices start from £50 so just pop me a message for more details.

I am also available for freelance work  and blogging for clients needs, including social media promotion and article writing, so feel free to get in touch.