About And Services


Hi, I am Autumn, a creative entrepreneur with many years of experience in business, creativity and design. I love designing, writing and blogging as well as encouraging more people to become entrepreneurs and enjoy flexibility in their lives.

Being an entrepreneur takes time, determination, patience, creative thinking as well as being able to push boundaries where others may not have been. As an entrepreneur, you will learn, make mistakes, fall many times and learn some more along the path of success.

Creativity is not only a passion of mine, but a way of life both in business and private for me. The rules of creativity are to be bent and redefined into something innovative and dynamic. Not everyone has the stamina or mindset to be strong and not give up.

I have learnt many things from my entrepreneurial journey over the last few year as well as pass on my skills and knowledge to other start ups and creatives. It may take years for you to understand the world of business, but giving it all you have because of a passion is the flame that never goes out.



Eco Interior Design and creative design for babies and families is something that we all need to understand and I hope to inspire, design and encourage creativity and sustainability for all ages, making a difference for the next generation and enjoying life at the same time. My bold, colourful designs bring warmth and pleasure to homes, rooms, clothes and accessories with unique designs that are eye-catching and modern.

My interior design knowledge and experience allow clients to embrace a wide range of designs, colours and products from a variety of companies, including my own. I am available to design your home through photos of your room and virtual creative interior design platforms for a standard fee of £100 which would include personalised colour schemes and ideas for wall coverings, furniture and furnishings. All you need to do is email me your photos of the room(s) you would like to be redesigned and I will do the rest.

Since I am a professional blogger, with several years of writing skills, I am available for article writing, blog writing and freelance work, so feel free to get in touch with your requests.